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Pentax Optio W90 black (16412)

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  • If it didn't leak, I might have liked it.


    I recently used the Pentax Optio W90 with impressive results both in and out of the water on my family beach vacation to Puerto Rico. Just after I got comfortable with the device and its particular interface, the camera lens fogged up after about 30 minutes of use in 6" of water! Shortly after that, the camera shut down, and refused to turn back on. After the exterior dried out, I opened the battery/disk hatch to find a couple drops of water inside! So much for waterproof.

    Unfortunately, it happened to me just before the "snorkeling" part of our family vacation, so I was without a camera that I bought specifically for that purpose! But what's is MOST UPSETTING is that when I called Pentax to discuss repair/return procedures, they were arrogant, condescending, and refused to assist me while on vacation and away from my purchase/warranty information back home. They would not even consider sending me a "lender unit" because -- according to them -- Puerto Rico isn't part of the US! Ridiculous! Now I am back home and they want 4 weeks to repair a camera that I've barely used. Buyer beware!

    I have since purchased an Olympus Stylus Tough waterproof camera and highly recommend it.
    • Kormeier on

      Re: If it didn't leak, I might have liked it.

      Same happened to me on a Vacation to Spain.
      Made a few picks before, and Cam seemed to be perfect for the Job. In Spain then as one would think to do with a "waterproof"
      Camera, i toock it in the See.
      Before that i eaven checked all the rubber seels and made shure everything is closed propperly.
      It only lasted under a minute while i was splashing water on it and the Screen went blank.

      So i now know where the problem is. the Camera is hot from the sun, you take it into the cold Water. The Air inside the Camera now shrinks and sucks in the Water.

      Do not recommend this Camera for close to Water Pictures at all.

      I now will see if PENTAX in Europe gives me the same sh... as they did it to "azuro"
      in the States.

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