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  • In dem Preissegment eine der Besten

    Ich wollte eine sehr kompakte Reisekamera mit guter Videofunktion und innenliegenden Objektiv, die max. 250 Euro (ohne Memory Stick) kostet.
    Gekauft um 229 Euro bei Electronic4you (am selben Tag noch abgeholt), Memory Stick Pro Duo 8GB um ca. 28 Euro...also gesamt knapp unter 260 Euro.
    Bildqualität und Objektiv sind "sehr OK", die Farbwiedergabe natürlich nicht so gut wie bei meiner Nikon Digi-SLR, aber das wusste ich vorher schon.
    Videoqualität ist IMHO sehr gut (auch, dass der Zoom im Videomodus aktiv ist) , die Limitierung von Einzelvideos auf ca. 29 Minuten stört mich persönlich wenig.

    Negativ: Akkulaufzeit ! Zweitakku ist schon bei Amazon bestellt (dort nur 23,50).
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  • Unscharf in 10MP / 8,5MP, optimal in 5MP

    Bought this camera on 30 Oct 2009, for a video-camera(720p), and an ultra-compact-camera to carry everytime ready for snapshot.

    Pictures taken in 10MP resolution are too soft, even for lowest ISO-125. 3:2 format, with 8,5 MP produces the similar softness, so a post-processing with unsharp-mask in photo-editor is recommended.

    Pictures taken in 5MP (unfortunately only with 4:3 ration) are very-very sharp. I think this is the optimal resolution of the combination of the tiny lens and tiny sensor in this camera.

    Color production is vivid and correct, ISO-3200 (in 5 MP) pictures are nice without chromatic distortion, and not so grainy.

    Really good low-light photos as promoted.

    User manual (downloaded) from Sony support, is 150 pages thick! This fancy camera is filled with sooo many technical tools/application so you feel like you bring an assistent and photo editor with you.

    - Macro photos
    - Detail and color reproduction in 5MP
    - Video in 720p is clear and sharp (but in mono)
    - Nice, easy and really fast (incl 10 pics burst in 10fps)
    - Low-light, night shot, anti-motion blur work great.
    - Price drops from 379 into 279 within 2 months.
    - really useful sweep-panorama function, feels like we have an ultra-wide-angle lens with less barrel distortion

    - No manual setting, or Apperture-priority, tend to go to High-ISO and High-speed shutter to reduce movement blurry.
    - Dissapointed photo quality in highest resolution (10MP), and no 3:2 resolution for 5MP
    - Lens position in a corner of camera body where our finger usually there. It "bites" me very often.
    - Zoom-joystick (or button) is not as smooth as expected

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