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Ratings of Acer Predator XB3 XB273KPbmiphzx, 27" (UM.HX3EE.P01)

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  • 5.0 Arkadiusz Tomczak on

    I have bought it and not in the slightest regret it ...

    Yeah, but not without a 'but'

    On the plus side:

    1. Top excellent sharpness in 4k, the letters appear as sharp as I have yet to see in a monitor, waaaaaaaay sharper than my old full hd in dsr.

    2. Even though it is hdr 400, with hdr set to 75 per cent the glow of light from lamps or the sun is so strong it seems to dazzle ....

    (SOTTR is stunning with hdr, mind you, you need to set the hdr slider so that the details in the box are only just visible for best effect. The way the cenote in the latest Tomb Raider looks then is a whole next gen experience, superb, stunning .... do not forget to set hdr to 'on' in windows 10, see a video to that topic on youtube )

    3. Colors are really good and realistic.

    4. NFS 16' looks awesome as hell, at high speeds the lights appear to swoosh past your BRAIN, the corner of your eye catches them as passing bright fluent beams of light and I had not noticed this on my old monitor.

    5. G-Sync really helps, especially when you do not achieve more than 50 fps, anyways, across all ranges of fps rates the animation is smoother, I switched off the v sync and motion blur in all games, don't need it.

    6. At four milliseconds my eye does not distinguish a difference to my old 2 ms display, it is as smooth as before.

    On the downside:

    1. Sadly, you can see the back-light shining thru on black areas and viewed at an angle the black surface looses its blackness and colors are distorted. But I can live with that given that when the picture is all bright ... it is excellent and flawless.

    All in all I am 10 out of ten satisfied and would recommend this monitor.

    Word of warning though, to save you the stress I will say 2 things.

    First, the manual does not show anywhere near clearly enough, also even less so in the drawing, which is useless, how to connect the DP and the power cord and first and foremost does explain nothing as to how to remove the protective dust cover on the back of the monitor.

    To save you the moments of despair which I had to suck up I shall explain. Remove the cover by finding two blocking clips along the low edge of the cover on either left and right sides of it (in the corners), loosen those points first, I, for one, broke the cover before I had a chance to find that out.

    Second, do not be confused by a socket half covered by a firm plastic wall. The power cord 'in' is a small, circular plug, the 3 pin power plug goes into the transformer unit, they might have warned us in the manual about this, the old monitors had the transformers inside, but .... not a word ... had to grope in confusion for an hour or so.

    That's it folks, besides, the monitor is awesome in every way. Enjoy :) Cheers :)
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  • 3.0 Venlaxar on

    Gutes Bild aber viel zu laut.

    Habe den Monitor am 8.6.2019 erhalten und schicke ihn Morgen zurück.
    Zwar habe ich bevor ich ihn bestellt habe davon gelesen das er einen Lüfter hat, doch das der so abgeht, damit habe ich nicht gerechnet.
    Selbst Morgens bei 18°C Außentemperatur, offenem Fenster und nur im Desktop-Betrieb fängt er schon an zu blasen.
    Möchte gar nicht wissen wie der sich anhört wenn es mal 30°C + hat.
    Auch wenn man ständig ein Headset trägt, das Ding ist eine Zumutung.

    Ansonsten tolles Bild und knackige Farben.
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  • 5.0 Roedi1981 on

    Sehr guter Monitor 4K 144Hz

    Ich bin voll und ganz zufrieden mit diesem Monitor. Der Acer X27 ist mir zu teuer und darum habe ich mir den XB3 gekauft. Günstigere Monitore haben einfach nicht so ein tolles Bild und so ein gutes flüssiges Spielerlebnis in 4K. Darunter möchte ich mir keinen Monitor mehr kaufen. Man gewöhnt sich verdammt schnell an dieses scharfe Bild und den knackigen Farben! Würde ich mir sofort wieder kaufen. Der eingebaute Lüfter stört mich nicht!
    • Arkadiusz Tomczak on

      Re: Sehr guter Monitor 4K 144Hz

      Ja, Roedi, der Lüfter ist kaum hörbar, ich, zum Beispiel, habe auch starke 4 Watt Lüfter im PC eingebaut, die sind beim Zocken 8 mal so laut.

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