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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W100 silver

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  • SUper cam Mega quality aber nicht perfektes display

    This camera has no big weakneses. Its iso sensitivity is enormous, its picture quality rocks too. Its a bt expensive buying a memory stick duo Pro. The display is good, when you dont use zoom, then it gets bit unsharp.

    It is a bit bigger than other cameras but i have it with me every day and have no problems with that. It looks really good and stylish. The video mode is just great in quaity. But you cant use zoom or any settings after starting recording. Because of the 180 minutes batterylife u can makelong movies. But i have to tell you that if you have a camera, you wont make that long movies anyway, exept if u fiml a party. hte microphone is good and works for a range of maybe 10 meters. The manual controls are way enaugh for me, but a professional may want a few extras.

    For any normal person the manual controls are enaugh.

    In the night you can shoot great with this camera if you use flash. When you use Long exposure(but it must be long), you cant take pictures of moving objects in the dark.

    But normally it works fine, and thats a problem many cameras got. The camera is relative fast in taking pictures, if you dont use things like red eye reducion and long exposures. You need to take the energysuply out to reload it(except with a other reload cable, what is not in the box. A ful reload takes about 5 Hours. Pictures at iso 200 are not unsharp, at iso 400 it stil works good, but at iso 800 and hgher the pictures arent that nice anymore.

    But the picture quality is as good as the one of fujifilm finepix f11, which i first wanted to buy.

    There are settings like beach mode, landscape.... you will soldemly need them id you are not a professional. I use the automatic mode, and if i have time I use manual exposure.I think You will not take that much more pictures than with a mobile phone camera, so if you do not use your mobile-phone camera or video mode, I would reccoment to think about if you really need a camera.

    oOo: Great quality camera, but a bit bigger than other cams, I dont like reloading the enegy suply 5 hours.

    Great to take movies. (you need a big pc storage device for saving videos with the time.) If youŽr not a professional iŽd recommend it to you. If you just need a cam to take a few pictures if nice moments, iŽd recommend sony w30 or other cameras. If you like to ake pictures, and sometimes want to act like a professional and make great pictures and videos, and need a great iso sensitivity, its perfect for you.
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