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  • Akri on

    Other reviews by this user am

    no answer

    want to know if they ship outside of uk
    wrote an email 2 days ago -> no answer
    wrote a message via FB -> no answer

    very disapointing
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  • normandy on

    Excellent service and quick delivery combined with good price.

    I ordered an HGST Travelstar Z5K1000 1TB HDD late on Friday night 19 Jun 2015 but my browser crashed. Noticed on Saturday morning 20 Jun, via Stak order confirmation, that I had ordered TWO HDDs 20 minutes apart because of the browser crash. I immediatley emailed Stak to cancel one order and had confirmation and refund in less than 30 minutes. The well-packed HDD arrived in Wales early on Tuesday morning. Definitely 10/10 all round.
    • Brandy Hughes on

      Re: Excellent service and quick delivery combined with good price.

      All the reviews on your blog about the company are pretty excellent and we able to know about their services. I hope the customers would be happy to have the products and satisfied with their quality. Thumbs up to bring on such amazing companies services updates.
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