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    Mr K on


    very prompt delivery and great product .
    Cam few day early than expected.
    • Mr K on

      Re: Debbie

      The product is great. Service was quick. I got the card for my TomTom Satnav. Getting the map data from my computer to the SDHC Memory Card wasn't an issue. My TomTom Satnav however takes ages to load now. It may or may not be related to the expansive content on the SDHC Memory Card. Technical issues like these are hard to lay at anyone's feet.
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  • DontbuyFromAmufi on


    I brought an 800 item from this company, after waiting a month for their delivery (it was in their estimated arrival time so I waited).

    After messaging the company about the whereabouts of the product I did not get a reply.

    My product was never delivered.

    The only reason I got a refund was through the Amazon support system.

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