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Manufacturer: Einhell(1) GYS(2) Silverline(1) Stahlwerk(2) Stamos(1) Telwin(4) Welbach(1)
Type: inverter welder(11) electrode welder(1) MIG(3) MAG(3) WIG(8) MMA(10) FLUX(1)
Idling voltage: from 55V(10) from 60V(8) from 70V(6) from 80V(2) from 90V(1) unknown(2)
Min. control range from: from 5A(11) from 10A(10) from 20A(6) from 30A(2) from 40A(1) unknown(1)
Min. control range to: up to 5A(1) up to 10A(5) up to 20A(9) up to 30A(10) up to 40A(11) unknown(1)
Max. control range from: from 125A(11) from 150A(8) from 200A(5) from 250A(1) unknown(1)
Max. control range to: up to 150A(3) up to 175A(6) up to 200A(8) up to 225A(10) up to 250A(11) unknown(1)
Insulation class: F(4) H(1) unknown(7)
Protection level: IP21(6) IP21S(2) IP23(3) unknown(1)
Width from: under 250mm(2) from 250mm(8) from 300mm(7) from 400mm(6) from 600mm(1) unknown(2)
Width up to: up to 250mm(3) up to 400mm(4) up to 500mm(9) up to 750mm(10) unknown(2)
Depth from: from 100mm(10) from 250mm(2) from 400mm(1) unknown(2)
Depth to: up to 250mm(8) up to 300mm(9) up to 500mm(10) unknown(2)
Height from: from 100mm(10) from 250mm(8) from 300mm(7) from 400mm(2) unknown(2)
Height to: up to 100mm(1) up to 250mm(2) up to 300mm(3) up to 400mm(8) up to 500mm(10) unknown(2)
Weight: up to 3kg(1) up to 5kg(2) up to 7.5kg(4) up to 10kg(5) up to 15kg(10) up to 25kg(11) unknown(1)
Listed since: from 2016(12) from 2019(10) from 2020(9) from 2021(4)
Einhell TC-IW 170 inverter welder (1544180)

Power output: 6.3kW (230V) • Idling voltage: 80V • control range: 20-150A (MMA), 30-170A (WIG) • electrodes: 1.6-4.0mm (MMA) • Insulation class: H • Protection level: IP21S • Weight: 5.90kg

£ 154.15
GYS GYSMI 130P inverter welder incl. case (029972)

Power output: 4kW (230V) • Idling voltage: 72V • control range: 10-130A (WIG/MMA) • electrodes: 1.6-3.2mm (MMA) • Protection level: IP21 • Dimensions: 100x250x170mm (HxWxD) • Weight: 2.90kg

£ 197.95
GYS GYSMI 160P inverter welder incl. case (030077)

Power output: 6kW (230V) • Idling voltage: 72V • control range: 10-160A (WIG/MMA) • electrodes: 1.6-4mm (MMA) • Protection level: IP21 • Dimensions: 270x110x170mm (HxWxD) • Weight: 4.20kg

£ 205.00
£ 270.03
Stahlwerk AC/DC WIG 200 ST IGBT MMA/WIG inverter welder (1023-001)

Idling voltage: 65V • control range: 30-200A (MMA/WIG) • Insulation class: F • Protection level: IP21 • Dimensions: 370x455x220mm (HxWxD) • Weight: 11.50kg

£ 499.00
Stahlwerk MIG 135 ST IGBT MIG/MAG/MMA inverter welder (1790-001)

control range: 40-135A (MMA/MIG) • Insulation class: F • Protection level: IP21S • Dimensions: 370x450x240mm (HxWxD) • Weight: 11.60kg

£ 269.00
Stamos S-MMA-250PI.2 MMA inverter welder (10020228)

Power output: 7.8kW (230V) • Idling voltage: 56V • control range: 20-250A (MMA) • electrodes: 1.6-5mm (MMA) • Insulation class: F • Protection level: IP21 • Dimensions: 225x350x125mm (HxWxD) • Weight: 7.94kg

£ 159.00
Telwin Force 145 MMA inverter welder incl. case (815856)

Power output: 3.5kW (230V) • Idling voltage: 72V • control range: 10-130A (MMA) • electrodes: 1.6-3.2mm (MMA) • Protection level: IP21 • Dimensions: 380x420x170mm (HxWxD) • Weight: 5.20kg

£ 179.99
Telwin Technology TIG 230 DC MMA/WIG inverter welder (852055)

Power output: 6kW (230V) • Idling voltage: 95V • control range: 10-220A (MMA/WIG) • electrodes: 1.6-4mm (MMA) • Protection level: IP23 • Dimensions: 340x430x176mm (HxWxD) • Weight: 14.75kg

£ 839.28
Telwin Technomig 180 Dual Synergic MIG/MAG/FLUX inverter welder (816054)

Power output: 3.8kW (230V) • Idling voltage: 60V • control range: 20-170A (MIG/MAG/FLUX) • Protection level: IP23 • Dimensions: 360x460x240mm (HxWxD) • Weight: 12.10kg

£ 381.00
Telwin Technomig 215 Dual Synergic MMA/WIG/MIG/MAG inverter welder (816053)

Power output: 5kW (230V) • Idling voltage: 78V • control range: 20-220A (MMA/WIG/MIG/MAG) • electrodes: 1.6-3.2mm (MMA) • Protection level: IP23 • Dimensions: 490x620x260mm (HxWxD) • Weight: 22.00kg

£ 832.48
Welbach ENTRIX 200 electrode welder (10020164)

Idling voltage: 59V • control range: 20-180A (MMA), 5-200A (WIG) • electrodes: 1.6-4mm (MMA), 1-3.2mm (WIG) • Insulation class: F • Protection level: IP21 • Dimensions: 406x200x470mm (HxWxD) • Weight: 14.35kg

£ 569.00

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