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Manufacturer: Brother(200) Canon(354) Dell(235) Epson(237) HP(462) IBM(4) Kompatible(2508) Konica Minolta(418) Kyocera(339) Lexmark(674) Océ(1) OKI(523) Olivetti(42) Panasonic(44) Philips(1) Ricoh(312) Sagem(1) Samsung(267) Sharp(64) TallyGenicom(4) Toshiba(89) Utax(3) Xerox(674) Zebra(1)
Compatible with: Brother(382) Canon(511) Dell(380) Epson(349) HP(833) Konica Minolta(552) Kyocera(562) Lexmark(877) OKI(875) Olivetti(44) Panasonic(64) Philips(2) Ricoh(462) Samsung(452) Miscellaneous(195) Tally(4) Xerox(913)
Type: developer(6) Developer Unit(27) Fuser unit(135) Fixierroller(1) Fixing oil(6) Oil Roller(2) Fuser unit(1) toner collection kit(130) Miscellaneous(13) Toner(5993) Transfer belt(1) Transfer unit(72) Drum(790) Drum with Toner(196) Maintenance kit(78) unknown(6)
Colour: black(3275) cyan(1462) yellow(1469) magenta(1467) colour(55)
capacity black: under 500(1) from 500(3165) from 1k pages(3160) from 1.5k pages(3079) from 2k pages(2986) from 2.5k pages(2837) from 3k pages(2666) from 4k pages(2414) from 5k pages(2294) from 7.5k pages(1768) from 10k pages(1560) from 15k pages(1138) from 20k pages(885) from 30k pages(455) from 40k pages(242) from 50k pages(162) from 75k pages(82) from 100k pages(51) from 200k pages(14) from 300k pages(8) from 400k pages(5) from 500k pages(3) from 1M pages(1) unknown(4291)
capacity cyan: from 500(1393) from 1k pages(1384) from 1.5k pages(1285) from 2k pages(1227) from 2.5k pages(1135) from 3k pages(1071) from 4k pages(1013) from 5k pages(922) from 7.5k pages(648) from 10k pages(559) from 15k pages(387) from 20k pages(253) from 30k pages(130) from 40k pages(54) from 50k pages(38) from 75k pages(13) from 100k pages(8) from 300k pages(5) from 500k pages(2) from 1M pages(1) unknown(6064)
capacity magenta: from 500(1404) from 1k pages(1395) from 1.5k pages(1295) from 2k pages(1237) from 2.5k pages(1148) from 3k pages(1084) from 4k pages(1020) from 5k pages(928) from 7.5k pages(643) from 10k pages(552) from 15k pages(376) from 20k pages(246) from 30k pages(122) from 40k pages(49) from 50k pages(35) from 75k pages(11) from 100k pages(7) from 200k pages(5) from 300k pages(4) from 500k pages(1) unknown(6053)
capacity yellow: from 500(1409) from 1k pages(1400) from 1.5k pages(1300) from 2k pages(1241) from 2.5k pages(1150) from 3k pages(1086) from 4k pages(1026) from 5k pages(934) from 7.5k pages(651) from 10k pages(557) from 15k pages(379) from 20k pages(246) from 30k pages(124) from 40k pages(46) from 50k pages(32) from 75k pages(10) from 100k pages(8) from 200k pages(5) from 300k pages(4) from 500k pages(1) unknown(6048)
capacity entire/max.: under 500(1) from 500(7302) from 1k pages(7275) from 1.5k pages(7001) from 2k pages(6776) from 2.5k pages(6435) from 3k pages(6157) from 4k pages(5762) from 5k pages(5417) from 7.5k pages(4194) from 10k pages(3725) from 15k pages(2799) from 20k pages(2151) from 30k pages(1281) from 40k pages(779) from 50k pages(603) from 75k pages(356) from 100k pages(278) from 200k pages(101) from 300k pages(51) from 400k pages(20) from 500k pages(15) from 750k pages(3) from 1M pages(2) unknown(154)
Special features: Paper-Bundle(1) high capacity(1265) 2-pack(3)
Listed since: under 2008(1642) from 2008(5815) from 2009(5300) from 2010(4657) from 2011(4118) from 2012(3589) from 2013(2857) from 2014(2428) from 2015(2159) from 2016(1827) from 2017(1453) from 2018(1108) from 2019(729) from 2020(405) from 2021(179) from 2022(21)
Ricoh Maintenance kit 220V SPC311 (406068)

Type: Maintenance kit • Capacity: 90k pages • Models: Aficio SP C311N, Aficio SP C312DN

£ 283.74
Xerox Toner 106R01392/106R01400 cyan high capacity

Type: Toner • Colour: cyan • Capacity: 5900 pages cyan • Models: Phaser 6280 • Special features: high capacity • Note: 106R01400 functions only in Polish devices

from £ 219.90
Brother Toner TN-2005 black (TN2005)

Type: Toner • Colour: black • Capacity: 1500 pages black • Models: HL-2035

from £ 46.61
Xerox Toner 106R01374 black high capacity

Type: Toner • Colour: black • Capacity: 5000 pages black • Models: Phaser 3250D, Phaser 3250DN • Special features: high capacity

from £ 131.49
Canon Toner C-EXV24c cyan (2448B002)

Type: Toner • Colour: cyan • Capacity: 9500 pages cyan • Models: imageRUNNER 5800C, imageRUNNER 5800Cn, imageRUNNER 5870C, imageRUNNER 5870Ci, imageRUNNER 5880C, imageRUNNER 5880Ci, imageRUNNER 6800C, imageRUNNER 6800Cn, imageRUNNER 6870C, ...

£ 145.80
Canon Toner CRG-711BK black (1660B002)

Type: Toner • Colour: black • Capacity: 6000 pages black • Models: LBP5300, LBP5360, MF8450, MF9130, MF9170

from £ 105.91
HP Toner 51X schwarz (Q7551X)

Type: Toner • Colour: black • Capacity: 13k pages black • Models: LaserJet P3005, LaserJet P3005d, LaserJet P3005dn, LaserJet P3005n, LaserJet P3005x, LaserJet M3027, LaserJet M3027z M3035, LaserJet M3035xs

from £ 40.85
Compatible toner to Brother TN-6300 black (TN6300)

Type: Toner • Colour: black • Capacity: 3000 pages black • Models: HL-1030, HL-1240, HL-1250, HL-1270, HL-1450, HL-1470, P2500, MFC 9760

from £ 30.19
Brother Drum DR-1030/DR-1050 (DR1050)

Type: Drum • Colour: black • Capacity: 10k pages black • Models: HL-1110, HL-1112, HL-1112A, DCP-1510, DCP-1512, DCP-1512A, MFC-1810

from £ 53.47
Brother Drum DR-1090 black (DR1090)

Type: Drum • Colour: black • Capacity: 10k pages black • Models: HL-1222WE, HL-1223WE, DCP-1622WE, DCP-1623WE

£ 36.76
Brother Drum DR-1200 (DR1200)

Type: Drum • Colour: black • Capacity: 60k pages black • Models: HL-3260N

£ 712.84
Brother Drum DR-2000 (DR2000)

Type: Drum • Capacity: 12k pages • Models: HL-2030, HL-2040, HL-2070, DCP-7010, DCP-7010L, DCP-7025

from £ 79.36
Brother Drum DR-2005 (DR2005)

Type: Drum • Capacity: 12k pages • Models: HL-2035

from £ 80.90
Brother Drum DR-2100 (DR2100)

Type: Drum • Capacity: 12k pages • Models: HL-2140, HL-2150N, HL-2170W, DCP-7045

from £ 62.61
Brother Drum DR-2200 (DR2200)

Type: Drum • Capacity: 12k pages • Models: DCP-7055, DCP-7060D, DCP-7065DN, DCP-7070DW, HL-2240, HL-2240D, HL-2250DN, MFC-7360N, MFC-7460DN, MFC-7860DW, FAX-2840, 2845, 2940

from £ 55.98
Brother Drum DR-2300 (DR2300)

Type: Drum • Capacity: 12k pages • Models: HL-L2300, HL-L2340, HL-2360, HL-L2365, DCP-L2500D, DCP-L2540DN, DCP-L2560DW, DCP-L2520DW, MFC-L2700DW, MFC-L2720DW, MFC-L2740DW

from £ 58.98
Brother Drum DR-230CL (DR230CL)

Type: Drum • Colour: black, cyan, magenta, yellow • Capacity: 15k pages black, 15k pages cyan, 15k pages magenta, 15k pages yellow • Models: DCP-9010CN, HL-3040CN, HL-3045CN, HL-3070CW, HL-3075CW, MFC-9120CN, MFC-9125CN, MFC-9320CW, MFC-9325CW

from £ 93.90
Brother Drum DR-2400 (DR2400)

Type: Drum • Colour: black • Capacity: 12k pages black • Models: DCP-L2510D, DCP-L2530DW, DCP-L2550DN, HL-L2310D, HL-L2350DW, HL-L2370DN, HL-L2375DW, MFC-L2710DN, MFC-L2710DW, MFC-L2730DW, MFC-L2750DW

from £ 68.29
Brother Drum DR-2401 black (DR2401)

Type: Drum • Colour: black • Capacity: 12k pages black • Models: DCP-L2512D, DCP-L2532DW, DCP-L2552DN, HL-L2312D, HL-L2352DW, HL-L2372DN, HL-L2375DW, MFC-L2712DN, MFC-L2712DW, MFC-L2732DW, MFC-L2752DW

£ 77.13
Brother Drum DR-241CL (DR241CL)

Type: Drum • Capacity: 15k pages • Models: HL-3140, HL-3150, HL-3170

from £ 83.99
Brother Drum DR-243CL (DR243CL)

Type: Drum • Colour: colour • Capacity: 18k pages • Models: HL-L3210CW, HL-L3230CND, HL-L3230CDW, HL-L3270CDW, HL-L3290CDW, DCP-L3510CDW, DCP-L3517CDW, DCP-L3550CDW, DCP-L3551CDW, MFC-L3710CW, MFC-L3730CDN, MFC-L3735CDN, MFC-L3750CDW, ...

from £ 86.99
Brother Drum DR-3000 (DR3000)

Type: Drum • Capacity: 20k pages • Models: HL-5130, HL-5140, HL-5150, HL-5170

from £ 60.00
Brother Drum DR-3100 (DR3100)

Type: Drum • Capacity: 25k pages • Models: HL-5240, HL-5250, HL-5270, MFC-8860N, MFC-8870DW, DCP-8060

from £ 129.98
Brother Drum DR-3200 (DR3200)

Type: Drum • Capacity: 25k pages • Models: MFC-8370DN, MFC-8380DN, MFC-8880DN, MFC-8890DW, DCP-8085DN, DCP-8070D, DCP-8085DN, HL-5340D, HL-5340DL, HL-5350DN, HL-5350DNLT, HL-5350DN2LT, HL-5380DN Praxis, HL-5380DN, HL-5370DW

from £ 112.90
Brother Drum DR-3300 (DR3300)

Type: Drum • Colour: black • Capacity: 30k pages black • Models: HL-5440D, HL-5450DN, HL-5450DNT, HL-5470DW, DCP-8110DN, DCP-8250DN, MFC-8510DN, MFC-8520DN, MFC-8950DW, MFC-8950DWT

from £ 116.49
Brother Drum DR-3400 (DR3400)

Type: Drum • Colour: black • Capacity: 50k • Models: HL-L6250DN, HL-L6300DW, HL-L6400DW, HL-L6400DWTT, MFC-L6800DWT, MFC-L6900DW

from £ 130.80
[UK] and 1 further merchant
Brother Drum DR-4000 (DR4000)

Type: Drum • Capacity: 30k pages • Models: HL-6050, HL-6050D, HL-6050DN

from £ 99.00
Brother Drum DR-5500 (DR5500)

Type: Drum • Capacity: 40k pages • Models: HL-7050, HL-7050N

from £ 80.00
Brother Drum DR-6000 (DR6000)

Type: Drum • Capacity: 20k pages • Models: HL-1030, HL-1240, HL-1250, HL-1270, P2500, MFC-9760

from £ 49.98
Brother Drum DR-7000 (DR7000)

Type: Drum • Capacity: 20k pages • Models: HL-1650, HL-1670, HL-1850, HL-1870

from £ 99.00

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