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Monitors » Monitors with Var. Synch. Minimalfrequenz: over 55Hz

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Manufacturer:Acer(1) Gigabyte(1) iiyama(1) Samsung(5)
Screen size min.:from 27"(8) from 31.5"(5) from 34"(4) from 46"(2)
Screen size max.:up to 27"(3) up to 32"(4) up to 34"(5) to 37.5"(6) up to 50"(8)
Aspect ratio:16:9(4) 21:9(2) 32:9(2)
Resolution:1920x1080 (Full HD)(1) 2560x1080 (UW-UXGA)(1) 2560x1440 (WQHD)(3) 3440x1440 (UWQHD)(1) 3840x1080(1) 5120x1440 (Dual QHD)(1)
Resolution from:from 1920x1080 (Full HD)(8) from 2560x1080 (UW-UXGA)(7) from 2560x1440 (WQHD)(6) from 3440x1440 (UWQHD)(3) from 5120x1440 (Dual QHD)(1)
Resolution to:up to 1920x1080 (Full HD)(1) up to 2560x1080 (UW-UXGA)(2) up to 2560x1440 (WQHD)(5) up to 3440x1440 (UWQHD)(6) up to 3840x1600 (QHD+)(7) up to 5120x1440 (Dual QHD)(8)
Resolution horizontal:from 1920 pixel(8) from 2560 pixel(7) from 3440 pixel(3) from 3840 pixel(2) from 5120 pixel(1)
Resolution vertical:from 1080 pixel(8) from 1440 pixel(5)
Panel:IPS(1) VA(7)
Panel characteristics:Local Dimming(1) flicker-free(8) blue light filter(8) Quantum-Dot(5) HDR10(3) DisplayHDR 400(2) DisplayHDR 600(3) DisplayHDR 1000(1)
panel-Manufacturer:Samsung(4) different Manufacturer or value unknown(4)
Dot density from:from 70ppi(8) from 80ppi(7) from 90ppi(5) from 105ppi(4) from 110ppi(1)
Dot density to:up to 80ppi(1) up to 85ppi(3) up to 95ppi(4) up to 110ppi(8)
Pixel pitch:up to 0.240mm(4) up to 0.280mm(5) over 0.310mm(3)
Brightness:from 300cd/m²(8) from 350cd/m²(7) from 400cd/m²(2)
Contrast static:from 1000:1(8) from 1500:1(7) from 2500:1(6)
Contrast dynamic:from 10 Mio : 1(2) from 50 Mio : 1(1) unknown(6)
response time (GtG):up to 2ms(3) up to 4ms(5) unknown(3)
response time (MPRT):up to 1ms(4) unknown(4)
Viewing angle horizontal:from 176°(8)
Viewing angle vertical:from 176°(8)
Shape:bent (curved)(7) straight (flat)(1)
Curvature:1000R/1m(3) 1500R/1.5m(1) 1800R/1.8m(2) 2000R/2m(1) not curved(1)
Coating:matte (non-glare)(8)
Backlight:Blue-LED(5) white-LED(3)
Colour depth:10bit (1.07 billion colours)(4) 8bit (16.7 Mio. colours)(4)
FRC:no (8bit native)(2) yes (8bit+2bit)(1) unknown(5)
Colour gamut sRGB:from 100%(7) from 120%(6) from 125%(5) unknown(1)
Colour gamut Adobe RGB:from 90%(2) unknown(6)
Colour gamut DCI-P3:from 90%(5) from 95%(4) unknown(3)
Refresh rate from:from 144Hz(8) from 240Hz(3)
Refresh rate:144Hz(5) 240Hz(3)
Variable Synchronization:Adaptive Sync(8) AMD FreeSync(8) AMD FreeSync Premium(8) AMD FreeSync Premium Pro(5) NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible(3) NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible certified(3) LFC-support(6) HDR(5) with variable synchronization(8)
Var. Synch. Minimalfrequenz:over 55Hz(8)remove all
Var. Synch. Maximalfrequenz:from 144Hz(8) from 240Hz(3)
Blur reduction feature:with(1) none separated blur reduction feature(7) Gigabyte Aorus Aim stabilizer(1)
Signal frequency vertical min.:up to 40Hz(1) up to 50Hz(4) over 50Hz(1) unknown(3)
Signal frequency vertical max.:from 144Hz(5) unknown(3)
Signal frequency horizontal min.:up to 30kHz(2) up to 40kHz(3) unknown(5)
Signal frequency horizontal max.:from 160kHz(3) from 200kHz(1) unknown(5)
Video connectors:HDMI(8) DisplayPort(8) DisplayPort-Out(1) MHL(1)
HDMI-Version:HDMI 2.0(6) HDMI 1.4(2)
DisplayPort-Version:DisplayPort 1.4(4) DisplayPort 1.2(3)
HDMI Quantity:from 1x(8) from 2x(5)
DisplayPort Quantity:from 1x(8) from 2x(5)
Digital inputs quantity:from 3x(8) from 4x(1)
USB hub Inputs:no USB hub(1) 1x USB(7) USB-B 3.0(7)
USB hub Outputs:USB-A 3.0(7) quick charging function(1)
USB 3.0 Quantity:2x(6) 4x(1) unknown(1)
Audio:Loudspeaker(3) 2x Line-Out(1) 1x Line-In(1) 1x Line-Out(7)
Ergonomics:height-adjustable(8) Pivot(3) rotatable(5) tiltable(8)
height-adjustable:from 110mm(8) from 120mm(7) from 130mm(3) from 140mm(1)
Rotatable:from 15°(5) unknown(3)
colour Display surrounding:black(8)
colour lower Bezel:black(8)
Color stand:black(8) complete black(6) silver(1) white(1)
colour back side:black(4) complete black(4) white(1) complete white(1)
VESA-Mounting:75x75(1) 100x100(7) available(8)
Power supply:AC-In (internal power supply)(2) DC In (External power supply)(6)
Width from:from 600mm(8) from 700mm(5) from 800mm(4) from 1100mm(2) from 1200mm(1)
Width up to:up to 700mm(3) up to 800mm(4) up to 900mm(6) up to 1200mm(7) over 1200mm(1)
Height with pedestal from:from 400mm(8) from 500mm(7)
Height with pedestal to:up to 500mm(1) up to 600mm(8)
Height without pedestal from:from 300mm(7) from 400mm(1) unknown(1)
Height without pedestal to:up to 400mm(6) up to 500mm(7) unknown(1)
Depth with pedestal from:from 200mm(8) from 250mm(7) from 300mm(6)
Depth with pedestal to:up to 250mm(1) up to 300mm(3) up to 450mm(8)
Depth without pedestal from:from 50mm(7) from 90mm(6) from 100mm(5) from 150mm(4) from 200mm(1) unknown(1)
Depth without pedestal to:up to 60mm(1) up to 100mm(2) up to 125mm(3) up to 200mm(6) over 200mm(1) unknown(1)
Screen-to-Body-Ratio calculated from:from 82.5%(7) from 87.5%(6) from 90%(3) from 95%(1) unknown(1)
Screen-to-Body-Ratio calculated to:up to 85%(1) up to 90%(4) up to 92.5%(6) up to 97.5%(7) unknown(1)
Weight with pedestal:up to 7kg(1) up to 9kg(4) up to 11kg(5) up to 13kg(6) up to 20kg(8)
Weight without pedestal:up to 7kg(2) up to 11kg(3) up to 13kg(4) up to 15kg(5) unknown(3)
Power consumption:up to 40W(1) up to 60W(4) up to 70W(5) up to 80W(7) over 100W(1)
Energy efficiency class:to B(5) to C(8)
Annual consumption:up to 75kWh(3) up to 100kWh(5) up to 250kWh(8)
Special features:Illumination on back side(5) Illuminated stand(1) headphone holder(1) mechanical keys(4) D-pad(6) Picture-in-Picture(6) security lock (Kensington)(8) slim bezel(5)
Warranty:2 years(5) 3 years(2) unknown(1)
Listed since:from 2015(8) from 2016(7) from 2017(6) from 2020(5)
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Samsung Odyssey G7 C32G73T / C32G74T / C32G75T, 31.5" (LC32G73TQSUXEN / LC32G74TQSUXZG / LC32G75TQSUXEN)

Screen size: 31.5"/80cm • Resolution: 2560x1440, 16:9, 93ppi • Brightness: 350cd/m² (typical), 600cd/m² (HDR) • Contrast: 2.500:1 (static), not specified (dynamic) • Response time: 1ms (GtG), not specified (MPRT) • Viewing angle: 178°/178° • ...

from £ 628.99
Samsung Odyssey G7 C27G73T / C27G74T / C27G75T, 26.9" (LC27G73TQSUXEN / LC27G74TQSUXZG / LC27G75TQSUXEN)

Screen size: 26.9"/68.3cm • Resolution: 2560x1440, 16:9, 109ppi • Brightness: 350cd/m² (typical), 600cd/m² (HDR) • Contrast: 2.500:1 (static), not specified (dynamic) • Response time: 1ms (GtG), not specified (MPRT) • Viewing angle: 178°/178° • ...

from £ 539.98
[UK] and 1 further merchant
Samsung Odyssey G9 C49G94T / C49G95T, 49" (LC49G94TSSUXZG / LC49G95TSSUXEN)

Screen size: 49"/124.5cm • Resolution: 5120x1440, 32:9, 109ppi • Brightness: 420cd/m² (typical), 1.000cd/m² (HDR) • Contrast: 2.500:1 (static), not specified (dynamic) • Response time: 1ms (GtG), not specified (MPRT) • Viewing angle: 178°/178° • ...

from £ 1199.00
[UK] and 1 further merchant
iiyama G-Master GB3466WQSU-B1 Red Eagle, 34"

Screen size: 34"/86.4cm • Resolution: 3440x1440, 21:9, 110ppi • Brightness: 400cd/m² • Contrast: 3.000:1 (static), 80.000.000:1 (dynamic) • Response time: 4ms (GtG), 1ms (MPRT) • Viewing angle: 178°/178° • Panel: VA, DisplayHDR 400 • Shape: bent ...

£ 492.00
Acer XZ0 XZ350CUbmijphz, 35" (UM.CX0EE.001)

Screen size: 35"/88.9cm • Resolution: 2560x1080, 21:9, 79ppi • Brightness: 300cd/m² • Contrast: 2.000:1 (static), not specified (dynamic) • Response time: 4ms (GtG), not specified (MPRT) • Viewing angle: 178°/178° • Panel: VA (AMVA3) • Shape: ...

£ 1999.99
Gigabyte G27Q, 27"

Screen size: 27"/68.6cm • Resolution: 2560x1440, 16:9, 109ppi • Brightness: 350cd/m² • Contrast: 1.000:1 (static), 12.000.000:1 (dynamic) • Response time: not specified (GtG), 1ms (MPRT) • Viewing angle: 178°/178° • Panel: IPS, DisplayHDR 400 • ...

£ 339.99
Samsung C27FG70, 27" (LC27FG70FQUXEN)

Screen size: 27"/68.6cm • Resolution: 1920x1080, 16:9, 82ppi • Brightness: 350cd/m² • Contrast: 3.000:1 (static), not specified (dynamic) • Response time: not specified (GtG), 1ms (MPRT) • Viewing angle: 178°/178° • Panel: VA (SVA), Quantum-Dot ...

from £ 490.00
Samsung C49HG90, 49" (LC49HG90DMUXEN)

Screen size: 49"/124.5cm • Resolution: 3840x1080, 32:9, 81ppi • Brightness: 350cd/m² • Contrast: 3.000:1 (static), not specified (dynamic) • Response time: not specified (GtG), 1ms (MPRT) • Viewing angle: 178°/178° • Panel: VA (SVA), DisplayHDR ...

from £ 832.98
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