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Manufacturer: Canon(10) Fujifilm(4) Jupio(28) Nikon(11) Olympus(4) Panasonic(5) Pentax(4) Phottix(8) Sony(5) Voking(4) Miscellaneous(6)
for Manufacturer: Canon(29) Fujifilm(5) Nikon(28) Olympus(4) Panasonic(5) Pentax(4) Sony(10)
Listed since: under 2008(2) from 2009(87) from 2010(86) from 2011(85) from 2012(80) from 2013(75) from 2014(69) from 2015(64) from 2016(40) from 2017(34) from 2018(22) from 2019(19) from 2020(10) from 2021(4) from 2022(1)
B.I.G. CBG-E16 battery grip (425508)

Suitable for: Canon 7D Mark II • Alternative grip: no

£ 70.14
Blackmagic Design Pocket Battery Grip (BM-CINECAMPOCHDXBT)

Suitable for: Pocket Cinema Camera • Alternative grip: no

from £ 209.00
Blackmagic Design Pocket Battery Pro Grip (BM-CINECAMPOCHDXBT2)

Suitable for: Pocket Cinema Camera • Alternative grip: no

from £ 138.00
Canon BG-E11 (5261B001)

Suitable for: EOS 5D Mark III, 5Ds, 5Ds R • Alternative grip: no

from £ 259.99
Canon BG-E13 (8038B001)

Suitable for: EOS 6D • Alternative grip: no

£ 259.99
Canon BG-E14 (8471B001)

Suitable for: Canon EOS 70D, 80D, 90D • Alternative grip: no

from £ 174.00
Canon BG-E16 (9130B001)

Suitable for: Canon EOS 7D Mark II • Alternative grip: no

from £ 291.34
Canon BG-E18 (0050C001)

Suitable for: Canon EOS 750D, 760D • Alternative grip: no

£ 165.89
Canon BG-E20 (1485C001)

Suitable for: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV • Alternative grip: no

from £ 329.00
Canon BG-E21 (2130C001)

Suitable for: Canon EOS 6D Mark II • Alternative grip: no

£ 219.00
Canon BG-E22 (3086C003)

Suitable for: Canon EOS R • Alternative grip: no

from £ 223.89
Canon BG-E7 (3815B001)

Suitable for: EOS 7D • Alternative grip: no

£ 99.60
Canon BG-R10 (4365C001)

Suitable for: Canon EOS R5, EOS R5 C, EOS R6 • Alternative grip: no

from £ 350.00
DJI SC BG18 grip (191237)

Suitable for: Ronin-SC • Alternative grip: yes

£ 85.86
Fujifilm VG-GFX1

Suitable for: GFX 50S • Alternative grip: no

from £ 579.00
Fujifilm VG-XT3 (16588808)

Suitable for: Fujifilm X-T3 • Alternative grip: no

from £ 259.00
Fujifilm VG-XT4 (16651332)

Suitable for: Fujifilm X-T4 • Alternative grip: no

from £ 285.48
Fujifilm VPB-XT2

Suitable for: X-T2 • Alternative grip: no

£ 158.90
Insta360 One R Battery Base

Suitable for: Insta360 One R • Alternative grip: no

from £ 27.99
Jupio JBG-C001

Suitable for: Canon EOS 450D, 500D, 1000D • Alternative grip: yes

£ 51.00
Jupio JBG-C002

Suitable for: Canon EOS 5D Mark II • Alternative grip: yes

£ 89.57
Jupio JBG-C003

Suitable for: Canon EOS 7D • Alternative grip: yes

£ 91.52
Jupio JBG-C004

Suitable for: Canon EOS 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D • Alternative grip: yes

£ 75.56
Jupio JBG-C005

Suitable for: Canon EOS 60D • Alternative grip: yes

£ 94.21
Jupio JBG-C006

Suitable for: Canon EOS 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D • Alternative grip: yes

£ 91.37
Jupio JBG-C007

Suitable for: Canon EOS 1100D, 1200D • Alternative grip: yes

£ 63.95
Jupio JBG-C008

Suitable for: Canon 5D Mark III • Alternative grip: yes

£ 102.70
Jupio JBG-C009

Suitable for: Canon 6D • Alternative grip: yes

£ 75.00
Jupio JBG-C010

Suitable for: Canon 100D • Alternative grip: yes

£ 56.00
Jupio JBG-C011

Suitable for: Canon 70D • Alternative grip: yes

£ 64.38

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