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Manufacturer: AEG Electrolux(41) Ajax(2) BiOHY(4) Bissell(3) Black&Decker(3) Bona(1) Bosch(49) Caso(1) Cillit Bang(3) Dr. Schutz(3) Dyson(60) Ecovacs(9) Ecover(8) Einhell(10) Emag/Emmi Ultrasonic(2) Emsal(2) Fein(2) Festool(19) Fit(1) Frosch(17) Grundig(1) Henkel(2) Holste(1) Hoover(20) iRobot(25) Kärcher(168) Leifheit(43) Makita(10) Menalux Electrolux(9) Metabo(14) Miele(41) Neato(1) Neato Robotics(2) Nedis(1) Nilfisk(32) Numatic(4) Philips(12) Poliboy(1) Riess(1) Rowenta(23) Samsung(11) Sanitas(1) Sebo(4) Severin(1) Sidolin(3) Siemens(11) Sil(1) Sonett(2) Starmix(1) Staubbeutel-Profi(2) Swiffer(12) Swirl(61) Thomas(3) Variant(1) Velleman(2) Vileda(19) Wolf(3) WonderBag(2) Xavax(15) Xiaomi(2) Miscellaneous(4)
Group: Bauteil(31) bag(173) reference(27) brush(62) nozzle(80) electrical Accessories(7) Filter(167) cleaner(73) Set(56) cloth(40) ultrasonic cleaner(7) Miscellaneous Accessories(89)
Type: exhaust filter(24) peel lip(5) bucket(4) descaler(2) defoamer(2) replacement battery(5) Ersatzpad(1) pleated filter(15) remote control(1) grip(3) HEPA filter(33) charging station(2) motor filter(9) cartridge filters(6) polishing pads(4) cleaner(72) suction hose(8) Set(63) Miscellaneous(87) dust bag(210) dust filter(11) Staubsaugerbürste(58) vacuum cleaner nozzle(80) telescopic tube(2) telescopic arm(5) cloth(40) ultrasonic cleaner(7) extension(10) Virtual wall(5) pre-motor filter(2) wall mount(4) water filter(1) mop(31)
Listed since: under 2008(2) from 2010(810) from 2011(682) from 2012(665) from 2013(645) from 2014(603) from 2015(543) from 2016(472) from 2017(361) from 2018(307) from 2019(229) from 2020(157) from 2021(64) from 2022(18)
from £ 35.99
AEG Electrolux ABEP01 accessories set

Suitable for: AEG WX7 window cleaner

£ 31.48
AEG Electrolux ABRW01 Abziehlippen set

Suitable for: AEG-window cleaner WX7

from £ 7.93
AEG Electrolux AEF03 motor filter

Suitable for: AEG sucker Vampyr CE220, CE250 and CE270

from £ 10.37
AEG Electrolux AEF08 exhaust filter

Suitable for: AAC 6710...6758 Airmax AAM 6100...6150 Clario AEC 7570...7572 Cyclonexl ACX 6200...6203 System Pro P 1...999 Viva Control AVC 1110...1190, 1220...1230 Viva Quickstop AVQ 2115...2120, 2126

£ 8.98
AEG Electrolux AEF12 exhaust filter

Suitable for: Airmax AAM 6100...6150, AAM 6320CD, 6324 Clario AEC 7571 Cyclone XL ACX 6204, 6206...6210, 6320CD Oxy3System AOS 9310, 9330, 9352 Oxygen+ AO 7320, 7335, 7350 QS elegance AVQ 2220... 2250 System Pro P 1...999 Ultra Silencer AUS ...

from £ 9.99
[UK] ZAHRAVAC and 1 further merchant
AEG Electrolux AEF139 hygiene filter set

Suitable for: AEG T8 AT 3550...99 • Consisting of: 1x hygiene filter, 1x foam filter (washable), 1x motor filter

£ 15.17
AEG Electrolux AEF141 exhaust filter

Suitable for: ErgoRapido AG 811-813/815/820/821/901-910/932-935/941-943

£ 12.85
AEG Electrolux AEF142 replacement filter

Suitable for: Ultrapower AG5010 to AG5024, CX8

from £ 12.99
AEG Electrolux AEF144 Filter set

Suitable for: Rapido AG51/AG61, Ergorapido AG18/AG30/AG31/AG35 • Consisting of: 2x Filter

£ 4.20
AEG Electrolux AEF150 exhaust filter (900 168 375)

Suitable for: AEG CX7-2 • Consisting of: 2x exhaust filter

from £ 16.55
AEG Electrolux AEF20 exhaust filter

Suitable for: Viva Quickstop AVQ 2100...2114, 2123...2125, 2127...2131, 2133, 2137, 2139... • Consisting of: 2x motor filter incl. micro filter

£ 14.34
AEG Electrolux AEF75B exhaust filter

Suitable for: Minion, Ergoeasy, Vampyrette, Accelerator

£ 15.15
AEG Electrolux AKIT15 allergy kit

Suitable for: AEG CX7/HX6 • Consisting of: 1x crevice nozzle, 1x mattress nozzle, 1x furniture brush, 1x adapter

£ 34.43
AEG Electrolux AKIT19 extension set for QX9

Suitable for: AEG QX9 • Consisting of: 1x suction hose, 1x furniture-soft brush, 1x crevice nozzle, 1x Staubbürstenaufsatz

£ 43.47
AEG Electrolux AP240 hard floor nozzle

Suitable for: vacuum cleaner tubes Ø 32mm

£ 23.50
AEG Electrolux Ark2 accessories set

Suitable for: AEG RX9 • Consisting of: 1x main brush, 3x side brushes, 3x washable XXL Filter

£ 39.04
AEG Electrolux ASKQX9 Performance kit Filter set (900 923 092)

Suitable for: AEG sucker QX9 • Consisting of: fine particulate air filter, exhaust filter

£ 16.98
AEG Electrolux AUSK11 Filter set

Suitable for: AEG UltraFlex UF and AUF, AEG SilentPerformerCyclonic ASPCTT, LX7, LX8 • Consisting of: fine particulate air filter, hygiene filter, s-fresh

from £ 17.79
AEG Electrolux AZE112 advanced Precision FlexPro hard floor nozzle

Suitable for: vacuum cleaner tubes Ø 36mm Oval tubing leg

£ 17.76
AEG Electrolux AZE115 advanced Precision Parketto hard floor nozzle

Suitable for: vacuum cleaner tubes Ø 36mm Oval tubing leg, AEG VX8/VX9/LX8/LX9

£ 39.92
AEG Electrolux AZE125 mattress nozzle

Suitable for: AEG Ergorapido AG18, AG30-32, AG35, CX7 incl. adapter for AEG Rapido AG51, AG61, HX6

£ 3.16
£ 50.75
£ 23.92
£ 6.72
from £ 6.25
AEG Electrolux EFH12W HEPA filter

Suitable for: AEG/Electrolux

from £ 13.59
AEG Electrolux GR12/GR15 dust bag

Suitable for: Vampyr 500-525, 600-617, 1102, 1104, 1105, 2000 Exclusiv, 5020, 6002-6009, Autotronic FI, Comfort 1100E, Comfort Electronic/TI, Exclusiv • Consisting of: 5x dust bag, 1x micro filter

from £ 4.99
AEG Electrolux GR13 dust bag

Suitable for: Vampyr 400-499, 1100, 1200, Compact Deluxe, Compact Electronic, Electronic PE, Exquisit 1100, Boogie 1100 • Consisting of: 5x dust bag, 1x micro filter

from £ 10.06
AEG Electrolux GR200 S-Bag Classic SystemPro dust bag (900 195 189)

Suitable for: Airmax, Clario, Clario2, Maximus, Oxy3System, Oxygen+, elegance, System Pro, Ultra Silencer, Viva Control, Viva Quickstop • Consisting of: 5x dust bag

from £ 10.99

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