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  • Overall rating3.91/5

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This merchant has been rated 5 times
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Detailed ratings

Website/online shop:-|3.78/5
Navigation, Product Selection:-) 4.00/5
Product Range, Availability:-| 3.00/5
Product Information, Presentation:-) 4.00/5
Customer service prior to ordering (Advice, Requests):-| 3.00/5
Price:-) 4.00/5
Delivery options and costs i.e. collection options:*) 5.00/5
Payment (Options, Handling):-| 3.00/5
Terms and Conditions:*) 5.00/5
Website Performance:-| 3.00/5
Order process, transaction and delivery :-)4.00/5
Order Process:-| 3.00/5
Accuracy of shop information (e.g. stock levels):-| 3.00/5
Confirmation of delivery, Package tracking:*) 5.00/5
Delivery time:*) 5.00/5
Packaging and actual product content:*) 5.00/5
Customer service during/after delivery:-| 3.00/5
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  • Leopoldnak on 03/03/2012, 13:43
    Selected and bought the OWC Mercury Aura Pro 120GB, Product SKU: OWCSSDAPMB120, with 5 items in stock according to the website, proceeded to the checkout, put in all my payment details via Paypal to then get the message that the product is out of stock!

    Tried to contact them via the webform just to get another error telling me that the message cannot be delivered!
  • condemor on 08/06/2011, 17:24

    continuation of review

    Overall rating: 1
    The service of this merchant is absolutely superb,item picked,packed and dispatched on the same day of ordering,however,since the JVC RV NB70 was dispatched from denmark it has taken 5 days to reach Gibraltar(however,not through the fault of M4store)the warehouse was located in denamrk thing which i was not aware of?????????)but this minor glitch does not spoil this mechants performance,still a 5 out of 5 stars deserved,still recommended to everybody out there wanting to purchase electronic devices,this is a good fine example of what real good customer service should be!!,compared to other web stores who leave the customer stranded,but these guys do really care and give their upmost care and proper attention at all times,with prompt replies by e-mail and live chat on their website,once again,keep up the good work,these guys deserve to be in business and i certainly and very sincerely hope for many more years to come!!

  • condemor on 08/05/2011, 22:55
    (This rating is not valid due to a more recent rating by the same User, it will not be taken into account)

    This merchant left me without words!!,breathless!!,i placed the order at approximately at 4:00am Gibraltar time and i had it dispatched in a record time!!,these guys are the best,i reccomend this excellent seller to everybody out there wishing to buy electronics(in my instance i purchased the JVC RV NB70 CD BOOMBOX,also i recommend this product to everybody out there.This seller is a very good example of what real good business should be,i congratulate this seller for their good work on my order,very helpful and prompt customer care service from start to finish,well done keep up the good work guys


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